our believes

Fashion is one of the most beautiful secondary matters, and can be something different to everyone - expression, provocation, style, beauty, conscious contradiction, something new and innovative, or a reminiscence - we want to leave space for this, and in everything we do, to create something valuable in its original sense

how we work

Designing, experiencing, discarding sometimes, colors, shapes, cuts, all of this takes place in our studio. A truly creative and manual process, and always a wonderful moment when we experience how a new born collection excites and inspires.

how we produce

fabrics and materials

For us, materials and fabrics are an essential part of the valuable whole - that's why our selection of our fabrics is a careful process, quality, colors, optics, how does it feel, how and where is it produced ... Our fabrics are made in Europe, most of them are manufactured in Italy.


We operate according to the principle "as local as possible". We manufacture smaller series ourselves, larger units are made in Germany and in neighboring European countries.

who we are


Founder and designer, the "heart" of ValleReD. Sometimes she gets in her own way with her penchant for perfection, but without that the collections would not be what they are.


The “co-founder” and partner who takes care of everything Lena doesn't like to do that much, but Herbert does.

Alice: “wie lange ist für immer?”
Weißer Hase: “manchmal nur für eine Sekunde.”*

* based on the novel by Lewis Carroll - "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" from 1865

ValleReD is a registered trademark.